One night in Pyongyang, in one of the doctor’s room.

An evening glow is shining outside of the window. Beside it stands an old woman doctor, wearing a white disinfected overgarment.

She looks like  an intellectual but could see her sufferings

At that night, in her house of a high rise apartment.

 She sat facing with her husband and suggested to divorce and says that she has thought and thought lots of times.

Actually they have been lived without any quarrels but loved each other until they get at the age of 60. But now they have to get apart with leaving their children. He knew well of her sad mind and recalls the tragic past sorrowfully.

In June 1950, when the Korean war was broken out by USA, Yong Sok volunteered to join the Korean people’s army and that he was living in Seoul.

At that time he was a teacher of a literature course of college in Seoul.

And he has a wife and two children, one is a boy and one is a girl.

3-year Korean war ended by the victory of Korea but he could not return  to his wife who was waiting for him.

In 1953, he was injured at the struggle of the eastern front line and treated in the hospital of army. The war became a ceasefire but could not return to his hometown.

His wife, Hyon Mi has been waited for a long time and known that he could not return home. So she emigrated to Los Angeles with the hope of finding her husband in other countries. At that time she left her son, Chol Lim to her mother and only brought her daughter Da Yong to Los Angeles with the hope her husband could return home.

In that place Da Yong became a scholar in Korean linguistic as like her father.

As she became a distinguished scholar at the age of 28 as the time passed but she sank deep in her mind of missing her father. Hyon Mi read her mind and told her to see her father’s friend Song Wu who was living in Japan and major in Korean linguistic. Da Yong left for Japan to see Song Wu. In Japan she met Song Wu, her father’s best friend for the first time, 20 years later and Song Wu gave a warm reception of her who has been grown up as a scholar in Korean linguistic as like her father. He told her that her father became a Doctor of Korean linguistic and worked as a professor at university.  With the hearing of her father’s news she wanted to see her father more and more. Song Wu read her mind and initiated to open the world Korean linguistic research meeting.

So at last, the world Korean linguistic research meeting opened in Beijing. (this is based on a real materials)

Da yong and Song Wu went to this meeting and also Doctor. Yong Sok took part in this meeting.

Here, father and daughter met after 25 years’ separation. All the participators were happy with tearfully at this curious sight.

After finishing meeting Yong Sok returned to Pyongyang with his daughter, Da Yong. In Pyongyang Da Yong met her stepmother, Su Ok and stepbrothers.

And she gave them the photos of her mother and family. Here Yong Sok and Su Ok have to watch this pathetic event with painfully.

Da Yong visited famous spots of Korea and seething factories and farms with her father and stepbrothers. Everything was so mysterious to her. When she was visiting at a certain modernized factory, she fell in love with a handsome and dignified young engineer, Se Ung, who was guiding her, the factory. For Da Yong, she had never fell in love with other men before like this.

That she could not keep this fact to her father anymore and told him about their love. And she promised them that she could come back again after getting permission of her mother. She returned to Los Angeles and told everything about her father’s meeting and dreamlike experience in Pyongyang. And also the love story of Se Ung. Da Yong gave her mother a letter which were sent by her stepmother. The letter was said earnestly that she could come back to her husband, Yong Sok’s breast soon.

Hyon Mi read this letter for several times with crying.

She prepared her things excitedly to leave for Pyongyang to see her husband, which has been waited and waited anxiously with missing all the years.

But at that time. a letter came from her son, Chol Lim. He served in the headquarters of the South Korean puppet army as a staff officer. He knew everything what has happened to her elder sister including the news of research meting and father’s meeting. And asked her mother not to go to Pyongyang , furthermore it’s impossible for her to reunited with him.

He said that if she goes to Pyongyang and Da Yong gets marry with the man in Pyongyang, his destination will be over. She seized the letter and stood blankly.

She has been looking around and missing him eagerly in her all life. But now, she met the bitterly mortifying not to see her husband.

And there’s another voice to her mind, if you go back to your husband how could she(secondwife) do who has been living with her husband more happily for a long time. She has never seen her husband’s second wife but how could she give a pain to her?

She cried and cried to herself and decided everything to give up for the destination of her son.

Da Yong also give up her love. But Su Ok, the second wife, does not know this and calls her in heartily to come back to her husband soon. And also Se Yong calls Da Yong to come to her lover. Here long and high concrete barrier blocked up at the answering of them.

A woman’s voice is echoing at the mossy horrible concrete barrier.

“There’s only one concrete barrier in this world which has been separated one nation and one country into two. And the barrier says … why? …for whom?”




“A BARRIER” , KIM Sang Yun

Kim Sang Yun est acteur et directeur adjoint de la société Naegoyang qui, en RPDC, gère les questions cinématographiques.