year : 2017-2018

length : 8'17"

venue : Chateauneuf sur Cher (Berry) / Tredrez Loquemeau (Trégor, Bretagne)xxteaxxx..xChateauneuf sur Cher

frame and editing : Christiane Carlut and Philippe Bonnin


Our naturalistic heritage led us to consider the landscape as a backdrop, "which only comes alive when humans project their fantasies, their representations, their categories ". The legacy of landscape painting helps to keep the landscape " at a distance between the viewer and the stage ". The first part, presented here, of this film in progress, puts human beings in the center of the landscape, which exists by, and is only worth, its presence. Anthropology now sets the radical negation of our exteriority to landscape and environment, and proposes a critical conceptual frameworks of modernity, naturalism, and capitalism, in which "it is no longer possible to think humans separately from their environment ". The Enlightenment Nature / Culture dichotomy, the notion of the otherness of man to his context and our connections to other living beings, are now completely reconsidered to "recompose more hospitable worlds ". The next part of the project will explore this new dimension, introduced by the formula of Magritte which concludes this first approach: "I do not see anything around the landscape".